Capability for Everyone!

Welcome to Apogeniks!

Apogeniks is an educational system enabling you to learn faster, change behaviours quicker, and systematically explore who and what you are.

Apogeniks is taught through experimentation in workshops.  There is no dogma, nothing to believe except the results of your own work.

Capability with satisfaction

The dream behind Apogeniks is Capability for Everyone.  It teaches you how skill can be easily learned, how behaviours can change in seconds, how learning is transformed from a tiring struggle to a rewarding and satisfying journey in which you watch your capability growing from minute to minute.

The speed of change with Apogeniks is extraordinary.

It doesn’t matter what you are trying to learn.  It might be a practical skill, an instrument, a craft, a sport, a movement activity.  Or it might be art or creative writing or some academic skill.  It might be that you are trying to change a habit.  Or deal with an emotional issue.  Or it might be a physical issue like flexibility, posture or pain.  Apogeniks is about all human behaviour.

Self investigation

But that is just the beginning.  Apogeniks is the framework for a new type of knowledge, a science of capability that requires nothing but your own awareness to pursue, and in which you can discover and ‘map’ the very nature of self.  It provides a systematic and coherent path of investigation.

How does it work?

The basic idea is that all learning happens through feedback of some kind.  But it has to be the right kind of feedback.  The better the quality of feedback, and the more accurately used, the faster learning happens.

The word ‘feedback’ usually means ‘verbal feedback’ – like we might get from a teacher.  But this not the type that we use in Apogeniks.

Most of the systems in our bodies have no idea what words mean.  They use completely different feedback that much of the time appear to us to be vague confusing mass of feelings and sensations.  But  it is this feedback that enables you to do even the simplest things – like standing up and balancing!  It is lightning fast and extremely rich in information.

The Apogenik System teaches you how to select and use this type of feedback.  As you practice you will find that you can predictably change a behaviour within 15-20 seconds.

Further information

Feel free to browse the Articles section, which will be gradually expanded to include more information on the system.   The Events section will show currently available workshops in which you can learn the system.

And if you would like any specific information or have any questions, please do write and we will do our best to answer.