About Apogeniks

Apogeniks is the work of me, Roland Mann.  It is the culmination of twenty five years of experimentation with hundreds of methods involving learning and behavioural re-education.

I originally trained and practiced as a solicitor.  I then left the Law to teach martial arts in schools, and became fascinated with how children learn movement.

After studying a variety of mainstream approaches, I came across kinesiology, and having enrolled on a course was extremely surprised to find it working highly predictably and very quickly.  I started applying the ideas to physical movement, and found my martial arts skills dramatically improving.  I also found that it was possible to target and resolve specific aspects of a skill very quickly.

With considerable scepticism, but enough experience to be open minded, I continued training,  covering four different types of kinesiology, and eventually started teaching it, and designing my own courses.  But I still felt annoyed and puzzled at the apparent gulf between scientific research and the predictable and sometimes life changing results I was seeing in practice.

By that time the basic ideas were so obviously useful and working for me that they were part of my daily life, and it would have been absurd to deny their effectiveness.  Furthermore every day I was discovering new and effective methods.  But it just didn’t add up.

So this led to a journey of exploration through numerous different disciplines, some of them very weird, in the attempt to discover the ‘essence’ of these practices, the ‘diamond in the dust’.  In this search I have had some extraordinary experiences – and have also waded through piles of fluffy wishful thinking and terrifically bad ideas.

But I believe I have now explained why this stuff works, and also understood why our current form of science cannot ‘get’ to it.  Moreover the single Apogenik Method, which I call Apogenesis, transcends all of the ‘techniques’ I have ever come across.  In a sense it is the ultimate technique.

Above all what I wanted was something that anyone could demonstrate to themselves through their own experience, without having to believe any whacky ideas about what was Real and what wasn’t.  Something that required no dogma, no belief – something that represented the essence of experiential discovery.  And, most difficult and challenging of all, a model that a person could deduce for themselves, and that could explain how their perception worked.

I continued guinea-pigging myself learning a wide variety of skills from musical instruments to blacksmithing, from precision woodworking to piloting aricraft.  In everything I have done I have been met with the same predictable results.  Apogenesis works, it works extraordinarily quickly and predictably; and it explains a good deal about the nature of perception.  I have spent  ten years and thousands of hours exposing the theory behind it to criticism, but it appears to stand up.

And this is what I have assembled in Apogeniks.  It is an enormous body of work encompassing many thousands of experiments, and a comprehensive theory about how it works, and has been a formidable challenge turning into something I can teach – so this is perhaps my next learning experience!

Solve et Coagula

I hold in my hand
This brittle darkness,
Blackened, charred wood.
My hand closes tight…
A thousand thousand years of pain,
And there in my opened palm
A diamond sparkles.

And every day as I perceive
Old Saturn’s tattered veil,
I’m searching all the time
For the key to end the tale.
And falling through this endless space
One thing I know I trust,
Is that nothing has more value
Than that diamond in the dust.