Private Sessions


If you are interested in facilitation with a specific issue, then one-to-one sessions may be of use.

It is important to note that Apogeniks is a re-education tool, not a ‘fix it’ approach.  The aim is to empower a person to pursue their intents, not to create dependency or reliance upon a practitioner.  The focus on a one-to-one session is likely to be on deepening awareness of the issue and providing ways for the student to support that learning themselves after the session.


For groups of people working on similar specific intents, a group session or course may be a good solution in which specific problems can be explored.

Examples might include

  • sports, exploring flexibility, power and co-ordination
  • music, exploring co-ordination, sensation and connection to the instrument, performance issues.
  • movement activities such as yoga and t’ai chi
  • creative expression – such as writing, poetry, artistic expression, dance, theatre
  • tool using – for example woodworking
  • physical co-ordination in every day life – the daily activities we take for granted like standing, sitting, walking, running, lifting, pulling, pushing.
  • systems – in which a person is developing a skill of harmonising with another person or animal or machine – like equitation, driving, flying